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The Turkish culture that the rich experience and presence exhibits at every stage of in the world's various geographic at thousands of years in history and this case has continued with the adoption of Islam. On account of; Turkish culture, immediately after the encounter with Islam is not separated off from this rich heritage. Currently if we look at the origins of traditions, customs and many religious practices which exhibition with name of Islam, they will occur traces of pre-Islamic Turks religion. The rich Turkish culture from the steppes of Central Asia, contains many religious systems and belief, mystical structures and traditional practices. In this study will be explained that the Sky God's religion - traditional Turkish Religious- which are dinisihrimis structure rather than a religion as shamanism, ancestors cult and natural forces exist in Turkish belief system even after Turks accepted Islam. It should be noted that The Turks accepted Islam but they can not break away completely from the old belief, also they have continued to live in their new religion the past pratice in different forms.

Irıms, Superstitions, Horoscopes, Sky God, Shamanism

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    Volume 10

    Our regular volume 10 - APRİL  2018 - is now avaliable. We would like to thank all the contributors.

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