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The usage of fire can be based on primitive life as we can know. But within in the time, human being started to benefit from it in different fields and points of daily life. As primitive tribes and groups were also aware of the usage of fire, with the help of people living in varied parts of world, the notion of fire begun with giving lots of different meaning by becoming crucial part of daily life in order to live, eat up and warm up. So, every society more or less utilizes it in order to establish its own cultural background and identity. İn this respect, with archeological findings, in fact, fire also fire had sacred impact over the societies in question. After steppe societies got spread its influences in grand deal of world, they started to interact with others. Short time later, they interchanged their cultures, religious and social cults, myths and other things regarded as important things. Although, the notion of fire did not play as role for them as god, it really indispensable statue in their cultures and had become are of the points that were seen as sacred. Hence, every steppe society gave different position or statue to the fire in these cultures and beliefs. Generally, people claimed that fire had sacred spirit and that if might be ever put out or extinguished.

Steppe, Fire, Mythology, Culture, Belief

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