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Bursa Mekteb-i Idâdî-i Mulki is an educational institution opened in the city center of Bursa on 3rd August 1885 with the aim of fulfilling the government officer requirement of the Ottoman bureaucracy to some extent. The study period of the school giving western style education was four years. Since the number of students of the school continuously increased, it appeared the necessity of moving to a larger building. For this purpose, the new building constructed in the area where the idâdî was located went into service on 26th January 1891. In the 1892-1893 educational year, the boarding section and also the secondary section were added and the study period of the school was increased to seven years. Between the years of 1887-1894, 56 students graduated from the idâdî. Grad students were generally Turkish and Muslims. However, a few Rum, Armenian and Jewish students were among the graduates. The idâdî's having received intensive interest from the locals led to the opening of various departments and the construction of additional buildings in the advancing years. In 1903, the agriculture, trade and art branches of Bursa Mekteb-i Idâdî-i Mulki were opened. The construction of the chemistry laboratory, library, dormitory, cafeteria and playtime sections of the school was finished and put into service in 1906. Again in the same year, an observatory was established in the school in order to observe weather conditions. In the Republican Period, in the 1923-1924 educational year, the school turned into high school under the name of “Sultanî” was made Boys' High School in the later period. Today the school is continuing its educational activities under the name of Bursa Anatolia Boys' High School.

Bursa Mekteb-i Idâdî-i Mulki, Bursa Boys' High School, Education in Bursa.

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