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What is attempted to find out in this article is to find out the location of Kutlu Hoca’s Corner which's title was determined based on the endowments' records which were issued just following the Ottoman Rule in Niğde Province. In the sources the hermitage is mentioned to be located in the Çengere Village of the Melendiz County of Niğde Province. However, there cannot be found a location in the name Çengere around the province today. Throughout the research it is found out that the village was later mentioned as Lemye and currently known as Kitreli Village. During the grassroots research in Kitreli village it was determined that current day villagers are neither aware of the hermitage, nor its location. However villagers converse about a tomb called Çingili Grandfather which is located four km southwards the village and some narratives about Çingili Grandfather. Therefore this study calls attention to the fact that the place called Çingili Dede Tomb is the same place as Kutlu Hoca’s Corner and it will be useful for academic research to join the narratives told about Çingili Dede together with the narratives about Kutlu Hoca

Niğde, Kutlu Hoca, Dervish Lodges, Çengere, Lemye, Kitreli, Çingili Dede, Melendiz

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