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A Review of the Propaganda Posters Used in The USA During The World War II in Terms of the Main Features of Propaganda
Propaganda refers to the systematical activities which seek to affect the attitudes, actions or thoughts of a group or a society by using various means and symbols. The subject of the research is the USA propaganda posters which were used as one of the war propaganda tools in the country during the Second World War. Intended to create a behavioral and attitude change in economic, military and social fields, the posters are aimed to be discussed in terms of the features of propaganda as symbolization, stereotyping the enemy, exaggerating the conditions of the crisis, evoking feelings of guilt and rationalization. With the purpose of discussing the messages and the propaganda elements on the posters, the regulations and organizations, which were established in an attempt to keep the war conditions under control in the USA during the Second World War, are mentioned briefly. The posters are determined by taking into consideration the features of propaganda, and they are discussed with regard to their visual elements. The posters which are analyzed in this research are the posters that ensure war-bond sale and joining to army, posters denote the messages like fulltime employment within the scope of production for war, not to waste time, not to go on strike and not to get injured, and posters give the messages of being thrifty in consumption in daily life, eating nutritious food and staying healthy and not to leak information out.

Propaganda, propaganda poster, World War II, USA.

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