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Bozkır Kültüründe Bakırın Ortaya Çıkışı ve İşlenmesi
Humanbeing designates life style and means of liveli hood according to geographic conditions. People who live on fertile lands form the sedantry agrarian and get by farming. Howewer Turkısh tribes who live o the stepe unproductive lands and hard weather contiditions form nomadic societes. Moreover, this hard geographic land has an important advantage. İt is full of copper. Also, because the copper is close to the face of the earth, it is not so hard to get it under primitive conditions. The people, who get copper from valleys and mountains and then found it with sledgehammer make tools after melt it.Thans to archeological discoveries, melting and castimg workshops the firsts of metal workmen make their crafts. Moreover, this is the start of human being technological adventure these copper equipments are spread by nomadic societies. Besides, it becomes valuable property. This situation leads to go copper in Stone and bone. Fyrthermore, Stone age come to an end and copper erea began.

Copper, stepe culturei casting, melting cauldron, ore

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