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Historical Geographic of Anatolia and Its Effect on Anatolian Civilizations
Geographical position of Anatolia is like a passage between Asia, Europe and Africa which are the ancient continents of the world. This quality has made Anatolia to be used like a bridge by some tribes to pass from one of the mentioned continents to the other. Anatolia, which was used like a bridge, is not only a passageway but is also a settlement for some others as well. For that reason, Anatolia has been suitable place for the different cultures to meet, interact and create new cultures. Especially land forms of Anatolia and its geographical differences has been one of the important factors which caused the civilizations settling to interact with the neighboring civilizations. Due to the limited communication between central region, Black Sea and Mediterranean because of mountain ranges, has lead different cultures to emerge and it has also brought about limited interaction and it also created diverse civilizations to be established. Civilizations which were established in Anatolia had limited influence on each others due to geographical factors; however they were influenced by bigger civilizations which were close and easily communicated. The influence was usually in the field of politics, culture, philology and ethnicity. Migrations form different directions also increased the differences between these civilizations and helped interaction in a positive way. During the ancient period Mesopotamia, Central Asia, Mediterranean, Egypt, Western Hellene-Roman Empire influenced Anatolian civilizations; we see that the interaction has still continued.

Historical Geographic of Anatolia, Anatolian Civilizations

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