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Our article will focus on the artistic life of one of the most important painters, Neşet Günal who brought a new concept to the Turkish art with his works. Born and raised in Nevsehir in Central Anatolia to trace the wasteland “Man of Soil” as he called it, expressing the steppe, disease and fatigue and the struggle of the people of the difficulties undaunted. Instead of politically and artificiality of art, the problems of poor rural people and has continued to transfer the assets skillfully integrate their nature. In the period prior to himself perhaps no topics to be addressed in this way painted exaggerated hands and feet of his people, has been the most striking feature of the artist that separates off from others. As a young artist with Central Anatolian origin has been the voice of the land affected by the approach of people. He reflected the rural people in a social realistic way.

Neşet Günal, Modern Turkish Picture, Figure, Pattern,Communal Turkish Picture

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