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Konya has a very special place within Turkish society and Turkish national history. Because, it has a huge cultural and historical heritage within its social structure. Sarayönü, as an unavoidable parts of Konya, adds an extra value to the socio-cultural wealth of Konya. Sarayönü has a very deep historical roots. It has a great amount of migration within its population. The migrants who came from the different regions of Turkish-Islamic geography have increased the social and cultural significance Sarayönü. Following this reality, it was aimed to analyse socio-political structure of Sarayönü at the basis of the results of Turkish Local elections since 1963 up to date. In addition to that, the changes in the political structure within the recent history of Sarayönü County was investigated too. Documentary and historical research techniques were used to realize the study. The records, documents and data sets of the related institutions and organizations, especially the archives of the Turkish Statistical Institute and the Supreme Board of Elections were used. The secondary data analysis techniques were applied. The findings were used to understand the formation of the socio-political structure in Sarayönü and the distribution of the political power to the political spectrum. Also the regularities of change from 1960 to the present were investigated. Furthermore, the meaning of the findings in relation to the Konya province and overall Turkish society was discussed.


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