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19 century in the history of Turkish democracy has witnessed important events. Important first experienced, and they are etched in history. The main purpose of these developments, the country is rescued from degradation. In fact, anyone who is buying into the game in the country of the European states were striving for it. In order to achieve the state has applied to many resorts. European style training is one of them. At the end of these studies has emerged a new youth. European-style training studying or in a manner that serves Europe purpose of these young people is the liberation of the country, just like the sultan. But these young people are determined to achieve the goal trail, which they believe will bring freedom to pass constitutional monarchy was managing. At this point the only power in the state, which for centuries have contradicted sultan. At first, the 'New Ottomans' then the 'Young Turks' and the latest 'Committee of Union and Progress' took the name. This group spread its ideas and reach the public with the era's most influential newspaper has used the power. Ottoman Newspaper is one of them. Ottoman newspaper, issued between the years 1897-1904 is the official publication of the Committee of Union and Progress. Newspaper, for life is in the hands of various people in opposition to management. Thanks to the Ottoman newspapers, newspaper of the members of the Committee of Union and Progress which ideas can be learned. These II. Abdul Hamid at which point they criticize, criticism and recommendations about the idea of the dose available. Also thanks to the Ottoman newspapers, community members also possible to monitor the intellectual confusion.

: II. Abdul Hamid, The Committee of Union and Progress, Ottoman Newspaper, Opposition.

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