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(Men Of The Great Seljuqid State Goals Were To Create Social Order Based On Justice And Prosperity)
Great Seljuqid Sultans, the dominant conception of Islamic religion, and the Turks have ruled in accordance with the welfare of the people without distinction of belief in the descent and made every effort to perpetuate. Indeed, toward the nation under the domination of a fair, generous and tolerant, showing to be very careful Seljuqid Sultans, where that took over the mosque, madrasah, library, khan, Turkish bath have built new structures such as the public benefit. Again some of these places, increase pruduction and economic measure to support the development of commerce have received. In addion, by protecting people who have talent do not have the financial opportunity, helping the poor have also. In side to other Seljuqid state men were in use such as in areas like sultans people in comfortable and peace of mind for living conducted important activities.

Great Seljuqid State, Welfare, Justice, Economic, Madrasah

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    Volume 10

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