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In this study kirsehirli Mehmet Fevzi Efendi's life and journalism have been investigated. Central Anatolian cultures grown in the lower level of education is one. For military service came from Izmir to Kirşehir did not return any more. Has been involved with various business journalism before. For example, fruits and vegetables were sold. Renting a room in the inn tombstone in Izmir via text, business cards printing and has been involved with various writing jobs. Then press entered into the lives, along with their newspaper correspondent in Izmir began to draw. Rented a room this small inn in Izmir journalists and has been a haunt of the notables of the city. This room has seen the work and in the evening there were hospitalized. Under the influence of personality and modesty likes to help a loved one journalist has been around. Despite the lack of adequate training has managed to turn it to their advantage. People use language people could understand style has been influential. Occupation in progress, or even to guide young people who want to be a journalist even published books. How has transferred reporters about their experiences will be. In any newspaper columnist has described the intricacies of doing. Not establish good relations with the Union and Progress newspaper has seen occasional printing. Mehmet Fevzi Lord never married, died from tuberculosis in Gureba Hospital in Izmir. After the death of Izmir press has reported positive opinions about him. Gave’s/Kave's alleged leftist newspaper that has served as a correspondent. Hence it is difficult to fully realize the vision. We have studied is a principled journalist is understood from the book.

Mehmet Fevzi Lord, İzmir, Press, newspaper

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