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Rehabilitation Of Cotton Production Areas in Amik Grass Plain (1918-1960)
Amik Grass Plain, located in the center of Hatay is consisted of rich lands. These lands has been noticed by Eurapean Gover mants since XII. century. In XVIII. century Amik Grass Plain turned into fight field of colonizer states. After I World War, with occupated Hatay’s joining to Turkey in 1939, The rehabilitation stıdies of these lands has been sterted by Turkish Govermants in the Amik Grass Plain which is really importent for regional economy. These studies in Amik Grass plain was partly complated in 1980. Agricultural lands which is appeared as a result of these studies were distrubuted to Turkish people living in this area and hasn’t got any land and to Turkish people who come to Turkey from reighbar countries beccause of various reasons.

Amik Lake, Amik Grass, Dry, Cotton.

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