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Mamluk State which has a special military system ruled as a powerful state for 267 years in Near East between the dates 1250 and 1517. In this article, It ride to put forward why Mamluk State followed the developments in Anatolia region closely, how they organized the reign of thousands of kilometers (nearly 3000 kilometers) considering there turn starting from Cairo and ending in Diyarbakır. In this study the details related with money that is separated for the siege, the splendid military ceremonies that are done in the cities on the way and sensitive balances of this region depending on the personality of Karayuluk Osman Bey are examined. The other things put forward in the article are the main information in Mamluks correlated with Anatolian cities in 15.th century, the practical solutions that are developed in order to cope with the problems caused by Euphrates and Tigris rivers which are vital, psychological and physical effect of powerful Diyarbakir castle which has affected destiny of the war.

Mamluks, Sultan el-Melik el-Eşref Barsbay, Akkoyunlular, Diyarbakır siege

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