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Anatolian geography, as is known, started being settled by the masses of immigrants from Turkestan, Khorasan and Azerbaijan during the three hundred years period between years 1000-1300, and thus its ethnic character entered a period of rapid change. Nonetheless, the current population of settlements in central Anatolian region around Aksaray and Kırşehir coming and settling here is closely related to the period in which nomadic entities under the control of Akkoyunlu state, which ruled eastern and South-eastern Anatolia, first migrated to Antep-Aleppo region following the fall of Akkoyunlu state, and then spread around the Dulkadir region and Sivas-Malatya-Kayseri region. To be brief, it can be said that contemporary organization of politics and society in Central Anatolia is rather relevant to this latter period. Çemelü Jamaah was one of the nomadic Turkmen communities residing in Aksaray in 1830s. Despite residing in Aksaray region in 1830s, this Jamaah, now called “Çimeli”, was registered to Yeniil district in Sivas that was governed by Istanbul based Haremeynü’ş-Şerifeyn foundation. Aksaray Çimeli Jamaah is an extension of Aleppo Turkmens and Dulkadir Turkmens in Yeniil. Çemelü Jamaah came over from Kırşehir and settled in Aksaray sometime between 1650-1700. The fact that the Jamaah had rather less population than the neighbouring nomadic communities is thought to be the reason why, even today, they are still preserving their culture and acting in unison.

Ottoman State, The Nomads, Aksaray, Çemelü, Çİmeli

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