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The presence of Algeria in Ottoman government system begins with the appointment of Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha in Ottoman navy. Meanwhile Province of Algeria was established in 1533 and ruled independently for a while. Later it was ruled with Tripoli and Tunis which were established in North Africa. These provinces which were defined as Garp Ocaks were ruled with according to the salyane system. Province of Algeria was divided into two parts as Cezayir (Algeria) and Cezayir-i Garp Province at the end of the mid 16th century. It was also defined as Cezayir-i Bahr-i Sefid in other words as Captain Pasha system. This means that it was an administrative part which had a seaside sanjaks where Gallipoli was the centrum. Also Province of Cezayir-i Garp was the Ottoman province in North African Algeria. Province of Cezayir-i Garp was dominated by ocaklis and corsairs who were sent from the center and later became inhabitants. Janisaries and corsairs were dependant on these dominant beglerbeghis who were sent to the province at one time. But headmen (reis) and his crew captured the government with the appointment of Kilic Ali Pasha to Istanbul in 1585. Although an beglerbegh was appointed here for three years, they could not have any influence over there. The headmen (reis) had to quit for janisaries’ diwan in the 17th century. The struggle for capturing the government between the headmen and Janisaries lasted for many years and the government transformed into dey system like in Northerth African provinces in 1671. Deys were voted by headmen and janissary officers but the appointment of beglerbegh was also continied. At that time the role of beglerbeghis was only symbolic while deys had the government in their hand effectively. In 1711 dey system and beglerbegh system were united only in the dey system . And appointment of beglerbegh from the center was not made no longer. This situation continued in 18th century.

Algeria, Ottoman, North Africa, dey system, pasha

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