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Balkan Wars and World War I created serious setbacks in education and training at schools in Ottoman Empire regions which were occupied. For instance, The Greek who occupied Salonika in 1913 seized all school buildings that belonged to Turks. Feyz-i Sıbyan school established by Muslim Turks in 1885 in Salonika to provide education with Usul-i Cedit method had to stop education and training activities and later completely closed down. Following the occupation of Salonika, almost all the students of the Feyziye School came to the motherland especially to Istanbul. It was decided to found a new Feyziye School in İstanbul upon the intense demands of the families who immigrated to Istanbul from Salonika during the Balkan Wars and World War I. This decision was affected from the fact that the children of the Rumelia emigrants had trouble adapting to their new schools. The school, titled Yeni Mektep (New School) and managed by the famous educator Satı Bey, was opened in 1915 and attracted great attention of the refugee families due to its modern education programs. Later, the school was transformed into Feyziye School in 1917 and started to be recognized nationwide as a result of its disciplined educational approach despite the negative conditions created by World War I and the Armistice period. This study will examine the problems related to education and training faced by the Muslim Turks who emigrated from Rumalia during Balkan Wars and World War I by addressing the Feyziye School sample. Also, findings will be used to present the long-established position of Feyziye Schools, the pioneer and implementer of various modern education and training methods, in the history of Turkish education. Resrach data will be composed of archived resources regarding the period, periodicals, studies and memoirs

Feyziye School, Immigration, Rumelia, Salonika

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