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Currently a district connected to Tokat province and 70 km away from the city center, Zile was taken under Ottoman dominance during the time of Yıldırım Bayezid along with the capture of Sivas, Tokat and Niksar in 1398. Along with other cities conquered, Zile was included in the Roman state established in 1413. Having been a commune between the years 1455 and 1519, Zile obtained district status after 1520 and have retained this up to now. In this research, the demographical and economic status of Zile district is analyzed on the basis of the new census conducted in 1106/ 1695. In the demographical sense, the Muslim and non-Muslim rayah living in the central quarters of Zile and the Muslim rayah living in the villages around Zile are analyzed in military and religious respects. On the other hand, the population of villages connected to the tribes in Ortapare and Yüzdepare districts under Zile Voivodship, is analyzed in terms of different sects that could be used to classify of this population along with information about customs about sheep in these villages. In the economical terms, information is provided as to what kind of taxes were attributed to the people living in the settlements in Zile in the specific era as well as the amount of these taxes.

Zile, Ortapare, Yüzdepare, Census, Awarid, 17th Century, Population, Economy

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