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Japan, which was allied with Great Britain in the First World War in the Far East China and in the Pacific Ocean, taking over their territory, their dominion was able to expand German colonial territory, the British navy in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and providing help and support did not show much activity except to send a small fleet of. The Treaty of Lausanne negotiations, under the leadership of Baron Hayashi, joined the side of the Allies, the Japanese Delegation did not play a more prominent role in Lausanne.Lord Curzon will help in a statement, were found. For example, Ismet Pasha to insist on the removal of the capitulations has opposed the Baron Hayashi. Hayashi, by giving examples from Japanese history, the Meiji administration at their own Treaty, however, can change in twenty years, has stated that the Turks must show patience until you have completed their own legal developments. Ismet Pasha of the Ottoman period some of the legal reforms and law reform has continued for half a century on the subject of real jobs, as well as the spoken word is much more important than stressing that the opinion of Baron Hayashi has given a short and precise answer. However, with the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, provided for the establishment of bilateral relations between Japan and Turkey. Thus, the principle of the equality of Japan and Turkey are loyal to the fundamentals of official diplomatic and commercial relations began with the establishment in 1923 of the Turkish Republic. Japan, which was declared on 29 October 1923 the Republic of Turkey recognized on August 6, 1924. Then on March 1925, the Embassy of Japan to Turkey was opened in Istanbul. In 1925, in Tokyo, the Japanese-Turkish friendship Association was founded, has been appointed to Tokyo as Fuat Togay d'affaires. Consular representative of Turkey in established at the level of. Later, in 1936, has been assigned to Tokyo as ambassador Hüsrev Gerede. In this period, Turkish-Japanese relations, the subject that most interests between Turkey and Japan has been maintaining friendly relations and the development of trade. As a result of this coming to Turkey in 1926 Izumu Battleship, Admiral Yamamoto and his delegation visited Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Ankara. Again in 1931, Prince Takamatsu visited Turkey and met with Ataturk. So close and friendly relations developed. Turkey-Japan trade agreement was signed in 1934. However, in 1933, the Japanese nationalists who lives in exile in Damascus upon the invitation of Prince Abdulkerim, and a visit to Tokyo, Japan for over a year and remain between Turkey and Japan has been causing trouble. According to the report on the subject of Japanese Foreign Affairs, Republic of Turkey Turkish Embassy officials will be hostile to such an attitude, since Princes in exile from Japan stated a moment ago that it would be right to go. However, the Turkish-Tatar refugees, Ayaz İshaki, Abdurresid Ibrahim, Ali Muhammad Abdulhayhak Kurban Ali like political personalities, has come to Japan in 1920s and 1930s, and some activities were found in. For example, in 1927, Kurban Ali has established the Islamic Press Tokyo in Tokyo and has a magazine. In 1934 Ali İshaki, joined the Kobe Islamic Community Congress and also Ali İshaki founded the League of Idil-Ural in Manchuria. The Tokyo mosque was opened in 1938. As the Tokyo Mosque Imam Abdurresid Ibrahim has served. In 1936 Japan, Turkey participated in the conference in Montreux, which is important for dominance in the Straits and has been one of the countries that signed the Montreux Straits Conven tion. As a result, emerges on the other side of the First World War, Turkey and Japan, bilateral relations with the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne has developed. Both sides have made efforts in this regard.

Key words: Turkey, Japan, in the period of Atatürk, foreign policy, Turkish-Japanese relations.

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