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The revolutionary movements, seen in every field of life with the winning of the National Struggle, most probably were mostly felt in the field of law. A civil law was needed in providing a proper place for actualizing and applying the revolutions, meeting the requirements of the age and organizing the most important part of the society, the family. For this purpose, commissions were set up and commenced. The commissions could not been able to bring about the intended purpose and laws that would serve the needs of the nation and could not been able to go beyond being a continuation of past law. For this reason, the administrators of the period adopted the Swiss Civil Law as a law that can take contemporary, understandable, and able to respond to the needs of the Turkish family and Turkish women by taking the support of Atatürk. Immediate studies were initiated and this law was translated and the Turkish Civil Lawwas prepared. In this study, the developments experienced in the period of discussing, preparing, accepting and applying the Turkish Civil Law will be examined and the effects of these laws on the family institution will be evaluated. Again, the differences between the new law and the old law will be emphasized. Information about the rights that the Turkish Civil Law gave to the Turkish nation and, especially to the women will be given and Atatürk’s sensitivity to this issue and the value given to the women by him also will be emphasized.

Atatürk, Turkish Law History, Turkish Civil Law, Switzerland, Family Law, Mahmut Esat Bozkurt.

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