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Political structure of the Byzantine empire in the era of emperor justin (527-565)
Justinianos, the king of Byzantine Empire who stamped his name onto 6th century of Empire and known as a well-equipped man with perfect education about law, history and religion since the young age. During his thirty-eight years of dominion, the Empire faced with very serious problems but Justinianos has managed to overcome these problems and keep the empire alive. The Empire had important achievements in the fields of law and military including internal and external politics. Constructive helps of his wife Theodora and his generals Belisarius and Narses had great impact on his successes. The greatest dream that Justinianos struggled for, was to unify the scattered Rome and to form a Constantinople (Istanbul) centered great Christian. It is possible to read the imagination of the great empire in the mind of the emperor by observing the steps he has taken in the integrative politics, the legal and military field

Byzantine, Justinianos, Politics, Constantinople, Iran, Anatolia, Balkans

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