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Turkmen migrations from Kirkuk and Mosul to Elazig and its Surroundings Before The World War I (A Field Study and Its Results)
Many migrations were made to the mother’s bosom, the Anatolian territory, from the Turkmen cities of Mosul and Kirkuk, which have been disconnected from the Ottoman State before the World War I. Some of the migrations encompasses some regions of the province Elazig. Şehsuvar, Zerteriç, Çağlar, Sarıbuk and Haroğlu are some of these villages of the province Elazig. The interviews with the residents of these villages were recorded by having directly listened to the village residents about the disaster they have experienced before the World War I and about the migration journey they have made as the result of these disasters. In addition, the information telling about their social lives, their culture and the visual records were also included to these records about these testimonies. Elazig province hosts the Turkmen culture due to the immigrations it took from the cities of Kirkuk and Mosul before the First World War. Elazig, immediately after these migrations, has absorbed a numerous cultural elements in many areas belonging to the social life of Kirkuk and Mosul from music to folk, from art to the village names and thus it is deemed to have merited the definition of “Anatolian Kirkuk" with this own structure.

The World War I, Turkmen Migrations, Kirkuk, Mosul, Elazig

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