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Nominal Cases in Sumerian
Sumerian has eleven grammatical cases commonly accepted. Case markers in Sumerian may add to only nouns as postfixes. Morover, several of those nominal case markers can influence both the noun and verb. Some, on the other hand, can attach to only inanimate nouns while some others are attachable to only those of animate. There are case markers that can be added to all kind of nouns as well. At all events, that Sumerian has a historical depth and progress should not be ignored. One can observe that some rules of the language present changes when texts of various periods are treated. Such changes become apparent especially towards the end of the Sumerian age. Following the dominance of the semitic peoples over the Sumerians, a gradual semiticisized feature in Sumerian can be ascertained. The grammar of Sumerian has not been written dealing with the details of temporal shifts or differences yet. Accordingly, the nominal cases and their functions in Sumerian will be treated in this study as generally acknowledged.

Sumerian, grammar, grammatical cases, nominal cases, affixes, suffixes.

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