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After the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, innovations in many areas have been started under the leadership of Ataturk. The most important of these innovations is undoubtedly the revolutions in the field of education. The most important innovation in the field of education is the reform of the University. In this context, Darülfünun took the name of Istanbul University and brought scientists from abroad to teach here. These foreign scholars should take part in the teaching staff of Istanbul University and similar institutions and accept that scientific understanding and research in Turkey has brought great vitality. Many of these scientists come to Turkey with an invitation and some want to come to Turkey with their own will. Turkey opened its doors to scientists, especially those who escaped from the Nazi tyranny in Germany, and acted on the famous physics professor Albert Einstein, and Einstein sent a letter to Prime Minister Ismet Inonu on September 17, 1933. In the letter, Einstein said that there were about 40 friends of scientists under Hitler's persecution and that these scientists could work in Turkey without paying any wages. Prime Minister Ismet Inonu refused, saying that it was not possible to recruit more personnel due to the conditions in the era. Albert Einstein's answer to this letter is uncertain, but there are several opinions.

1933 University Reform, Einstein's Letter, Scientists, Turkish-German Relations

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