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The issue of imam, which emerged after the death of the Prophet, has led to divisions by engaging in Islam for many years. These political asylum, who lived in the early days of Islam, led to the discussion of certain religious issues and, in consequence, fractionation of divisions. The fact that we call Shiism, one of these sects, has lost its essential character in the process by developing within the political issues and stopping by the tegayyüre. In the first place, Shiism has been largely influenced by the political conditions of the time rather than emerging as a religious, intellectual or other development, and conceived in the context of his immanence with the adherence of Ali. Nasslar, which we will reveal in this way, will show that it is not considered religious fractions in the early period of Shi'ism. It was a kind of reflection of the disruptions in the sense of "right management" in the eyes of Muslims on the basis of the first civil war of Islam. When the Umayyad period came, the Shia concept evolved into a different point. As a matter of fact, the Umayyad caliphs were regarded by the Shia as "gauze". However, with the Abbasi revolution, the Shi'i hopes were manipulated during the rebellion. When the Abbasids came to power, they stated that they had demolished the corrupt system which has been continuing since the middle of the seventh century and replaced the ideal Islamic order. In this context, the point of departure of the Shi'i, the transformation in the process and the effect on the political soul will be explained, and the factors affecting the formation and development of the Shi'i belief will be emphasized and the general conjuncture of the period will be tried to be reflected.

Shia, Imamet, Isnaaseriyye, Ismailism, Nass

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    Volume 10

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