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Gold found rarely in natüre, has always been attractive for human being because of it can be easily, hammered and worked on. One of the most common used metals, probably the third one, is gold in steppe culture. It attracted a great deal of attraction after it is discovered in natüre fragmentally. However because of it rarity and bright glamorous yellow color and precious it was used by the ruler and senior buteaucrats. It was commonly used for jewelvery and arnaments in steppe culture. Especially necklaces, bracelets, earrings, plagues with images, gold leaf bronze earring, jewelleries made of thin gold leaves, gold beads, sword with gold handle dagger and other weapons, also gilded shields were made of gold. Moreover it was used for trinketry, war instruments, belt buckles, properties of gallop, and used in animal style works wood carving plaques, and various metal works commonly used by Steppe Turkısh people.

Steppe, Gold, Metals

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