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Vocabulary About Leather and Leather Working in the Kirghiz Language
In this study, the words related to leather in the standard Kyrgyz Turkic are examined. It is known that the Turks with nomadic cultures have been working from ancient times and used them in various fields. The Turks' efforts in this field provided vocabulary about leather in time. In order to put forward this vocabulary, studies about this field have to be done. In addition, these vocabulary will also constitute important materials for studies on the common life of the Turks. The words related to the leather of the Kyrgyz Turkic are examined for these purposes. In the standard Kyrgyz Turkish, 39 words related to this topic have been identified. 12 of them are related to unprocessed leather, 8 of them are related to clothing, 5 of them are related to household goods, 1 of them is related to arrow, and 14 is related to leather processing. The works to be done in other Turkish dialects related to the subject will enable to reveal the word existence related to leather in Turkısh. Thus, the Turkic word-of-mouth related to leatherworking can be put forward in a full way.

Leather, Leather Working, Leather Working in Turks

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