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Graduates of Teacher’s Training Schools for Girls and Their Employments
The first of Teacher’s Training Schools for Girls was established in the Ottoman Empire during the Tanzimat Era in 1870 and they were enlarged into the main cities in the country in the last years of the Empire. The school gave its first graduates in 1873. The main aim of the school was to raise teachers for such schools as girls’ primary and secondary schools. As the schools for girls got bigger in numbers and sizes, the state needed more woman teachers. Thus, the school played important role by educating girls to become teachers in girls’ schools. Yet, the number of the woman teachers was not enough to cover the need. Furthermore, the graduates of these schools were employed in other areas as civil servants and gained a degree to go to the university. This paper deals with graduates of the teacher’s training schools for girls. Their employment and work opportunities are discussed. Main sources of the paper are Ottoman archival documents, journals and works of researchers.

Teacher’s Training Schools for Girls, the Ottomans, Education, Turkey

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