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Although Kaykhusraw II appointed Alaeddin, who was born by Georgian woman whom Kaykhusraw set his heart on against precedents, as a crown prince upon his birth, Alaeddin never ascended the throne autonomously and constantly stayed under the shadow of his brothers, Kaykaus II and Kilij Arslan IV's authority. As a result of Celaleddin Karatay's attempts, with three brothers ascending the throne together, Kayqubad II became the youngest associate of the collective reign and although his name was mentioned in khutbah, money and inscriptions as a sultan, he did not act as a monarch. Actually, Kayqubad II who was far from directing the history of Seljuq Dynasty as a sultan, he was not even mentioned as a sultan by some sources. For Kayqubad II, who seemed to ensue a policy pleasing Mongols and was provoked by statesmen on his father's will, Mongolia expedition created an opportunity to take the throne alone, but he was murdered at a young age without achieving his goal.

Kayqubad II, Kaykaus II, Kilij Arslan IV, Seljuks, Mongols.

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