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Foundations in Ottoman Empire is a system which is having regulatory roles of life in many ways such as religious, social, cultural, education and urbanization. Together with these, this system, which is providing solidarity and cooperation among society, reveals itself in Kyustendil located in today’s Bulgaria boundaries like any other regions of the Empire. In this study, the 16th century foundations of Kyustendil has been analyzed according to the era of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror’s dignitarities Haraccı Kara Mehmed’s cadastral record books. The date of the foundation belonged to Haraccı Kara Mehmed, who is also known a dignitary personality of Kyustendil due to his great services during the city’s development, is 1474 and 1475. There are madrassahs, mosques and small prayer chambers belonged to the foundation and also houses, shops, baths, mills, agriculture fields, meadows, orchards and gardens supplying income to them. With the research done, it has been studied on the foundation’s properties which are understood that they were supported with the incomes coming from Ilıca, Istanbul and Skopje, and income and expenses of them. Besides, it has been elaborated on the cash coins belonged to these institutions, the ratio of usage and how the acquired income from them is disposed. The uncertainty about the name of the mosque built by Haraccı Kara Mehmed has been tried to solve in the light of the cadastral record books. The names of the tutors assigned at Haraccı Kara Mehmed Madrassah, their salaries, and the course books used in the madrassah are pointed out. The architectural work built by Haraccı Kara Mehmed, who is one of the founders of the city during Ottoman Era, have been examined in the light of the cadastral record books of 1519, 1530, 1546, 1550 and 1572 years in detail.

Kyustendil, Ilıca, Foundation, Haraccı Kara Mehmed

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