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If it is considered that the vast majority of educational activities were limited to Istanbul during the Tanzimat years, at the term of Abdulhamid education services go out of Istanbul, with the delivery of these services to the countryside were recorded significant distances. The founder in the field of education during the Tanzimat Period, in the period of II. Abdulhamid had the opportunity to practice and spread. During the period of II. Abdulhamid seemed the positive development in terms of quantity in educational services, although it is debatable whether it is at the same level in terms of quality, it is a fact that progress is made. During this period with the increase in the number of schools, number of foreign and minority schools has considerably increased. From the period of II. Constitution to Republic, significant improvements have been made with innovations in educational institutions and programs.The prominent feature of this period is not only the descendants of the Republican raised in these school, the foundations of the idea of the Republic are also cast in this period. The Republican Period has been a period in Turkish education system that has made efforts to achieve contemporary education system for centuries. First of all, the Ministry of National Education was established and in order to put an end to the duality in the education system Law of Unity of Education was established. Thus, in the Ottoman Empire some educational institutions and system were transferred to the Republic. It had become modern structure. Education which is the main subject that brought up the society, undoubtedly an important place in every age. This important subject has to be emphasized how it influenced to the Republic. In this project in addition to the changes and developments in the constitutional period, the contribution to the foundations of the republic was emphasized, how the young republic was kneaded and how to cast the potential. With this Project , ,it is aimed to reveal the rebirth of the republic together with the changes in education.

Turkish Education System, The Period Of II. Abdulhamid, Constitutional, Republic.

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