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One of the major disasters experienced by human during the historical process is epidemics. These diseases include epidemics such as plague, malaria, typhoid, smallpox, cholera, diphtheria, red, measles, dysentery, tuberculosis and flu contaminated to human from animals, soil, water or human. Epidemics affected the villages, towns, cities, countries, armies and communities during the history, causing demographic, social and economical problems, with many deaths, provisional and permanent immigrations. The death rates caused by the epidemics are far more than the death rates of other diseases. Epidemics did not only affect the soldiers at the fronts but also the civilian populations. In this study, it is aimed at providing information about the deaths caused by typhoid and cholera in Adıyaman District pursuant to the Books of Incidents Caused Deaths (Adıyaman Vefayata Mahsus Vukuat Defterleri). The period and the area of the research are 1912-1925 and Adıyaman District and its villages, respectively. It reveals to which extent Adıyaman which had been a small town in Anatolia during the period of study was affected from the epidemics oppressed the country at the time and how many deaths were occurred due to typhoid and cholera. Also it is attempted to find out the information such as identification details of the persons died due to such diseases, their domiciles, and when they died.

Epidemic, Adıyaman, Typhoid, Cholera, Death

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