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Month Names In Kitâb-I Tercüme-İ Tezkire-İ Dâvûd Fî İlmi’t-Tıbb
This article focuses on the month names, their meanings and origin which are in the book called Kitab-ı Tercüme-i Tezkire-i Davud Fî İlmi’t-Tıbb. In this mentioned book there are 1315 plant names.These plant’s (which are used in drug manufacture) growth, collection and storage time is explained by month names. For that reason this work becomes a significant material for month names. Revealing them will contribute to identify geography and cultures that Turks interact with the month names used in Turkish too. In this work which is prepared for providing a small contribution to month names used in particular Ottoman Turkish and in general Turkish, especially ,month names from the above mentioned text have been compiled.The material which is identified after the compilation has been analyzed according to the arrangement of month names (Etymology): Meaning (Supporting sentence). After the observation 74 month names have been identified. From these 68 –some of them approximately- correspond to month names of Gregorian calendar. Also we can see that month names have been explained by some Turkish word phrases like, winter’s latest month ,in the middle of summer and ordinary summer. These expressions like this have been evaluated as Turkish month names.

Kitab-ı Tercüme-i Tezkire-i Davud Fi İlmi’t –Tıbb, time, calendars, month names

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