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The Importance Of Siraf Port City In Terms Of The Persİan Gulf in Early Medieval Abstract
Siraf is one of the most ancient cities in Front Asia. Even that the foundation of the city isn't known, it is supposed that it was founded in era of the ancient Iranian rulers. This port city was an important city for naval transportation among Arab Peninsula, called Persis by Iranian, East African Coast and Far East Countries. Siraf was a commercial city which was the centre of transportation of valuable trade goods to world markets. This city continued its importance after conquests of Islam. The harbor to which the Umayyads didn't give much importance, gained its real importance during the Abbasids, and in the next period it began to lose its commercial importance due to severe earthquakes and conflict between the Abbasid and Karmate. As a result of the revival of commercial aspects of Kays, the traders shifted their ways to here and the city Siraf began to be leaved and turned into a small town.

Persian Gulf, Siraf, Sıraf, Sassanid, Abbasid, Commercial.

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