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The Reflections Of The Coal Field Visit Of Prime Misiter Inönü On The Turkish Media. Abstract
Zonguldak coal field, disregarded during the Ottoman Empire period, was nationalized and its significance in the economy grew as an energy source of Turkish industry after the establishment of Republic of Turkey. In this sense, Zonguldak has an important position among the other cities. Statesmen of Turkish Republic have been closely involved with the reclamation of Zonguldak coalfields and visited Zonguldak, also known as ‘Realm of Black Diamond’, several times on the purpose of increasing its power within economy. In this concept Ismet Inönü visited Zonguldak coalfields many times. In this study, the visits by Ismet Inönü to the coalfields of Zonguldak, Eregli of Black Sea, Gelik and Karadon dated between 17 and 19th November 1993 is analysed. The visit manifested the required precautions as to using coal in Turkish industry and increasing coal export. In addition what sort of actions is ought to be taken in order for Turkish coal to replace wood in terms of heating in big cities like Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara is also elaborated. Thus, this visit showed that Zonguldak coal held a very important place in Turkish economy.

Ismet Inönü, Zonguldak Coal Field, Republic of Turkey, Black Diamond.

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